♫♪  Mamiffer - “Enantiodromia”

Mysteriously named “Enantriodromia,” a track from the newest full-length Statu Nascendi by Seattle-based downer drone duo Mamiffer (Faith Coloccia + Aaron Turner, of Isis fame), comes just in time to coincide with the cold breath of winter on our necks. The video, directed by Daniel Menche, conveys impressions of black and white, hazy hallucinatory states, darkness-and induced depression. The music itself is like slowcore stretched into infinity, with nearly black metal guitar tremolo ringing in the background while disembodied, angelic vocals sing ethereal hymns over a mournful church organ and slowly emerging, monolithic six-string drones in the vein of Barn Owl and KTL. There’s a richly organic, primordial atmosphere hidden behind those walls of distortion, something deeply pagan and nearly inhuman, like ancient spirits being brought up from among the roots and rotten leaves, ready to ascend to the fog and roam the wilderness.

Statu Nascendi is out now on Sige Records. Please also check out Mamiffer’s incredible guest mix for TMT.

• Mamiffer: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mamiffer/110768695615501
• Sige Records: http://sigerecords.bandcamp.com

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