♫♪  Mark McCoy - Devouring Ghost

Today, my girlfriend and I went for a walk in our new neighborhood. Later, we came home and cooked. The oven in our apartment makes a faint rattling noise. Is that something gas-fired ovens do? Are we going to explode? Is our oven just a cog in a much larger, more sinister design, a manic schematic to gradually devour our whole garden apartment complex before moving on to consume the village itself? What if all across the world, so-called sustainable building materials, having been recycled and repurposed via automated manufacturing processes, are now taking up arms against our decadent civilization, uprooting hundred-year-old maples, using their branches to excoriate suburban facades and string them upon new-age temples of transcendentalist chaos worship, wrenching pipes from sewers for dung guns. “Fuck Technology, I’ll Keep My Pocket Change.”

Mark McCoy knows what I’m talking about. The founder of Youth Attack Records and singer of Charles Bronson, Das Oath, and Failures is also the artist responsible for nine highly-detailed large-scale architectural drawings currently on display at the Weltkunstzimmer Gallery in Dusseldorf. Running from April 18 to May 15, the Devouring Ghost exhibition is accompanied by a nine-song soundtrack composed by McCoy in collaboration with Ian Jacyszyn and Ryan Martin. The drawings seem to portray a town turning in on itself, while the music marries mid-90s Polish black metal and 80s American horror film scores in the unholiest of sacraments. Only in Germany can you walk into an unassuming art gallery and be assaulted by the shrieking, clanking, fuming implosion of our technically constructed society’s violent suicide.

However, you can also experience all that from the comforts of your own home via the Devouring Ghost box set, which consists of two vinyl LPs and nine 12x12” prints featuring the works from the exhibition. Preview the soundtrack and some prints (4, 5, and 8) below, and order your signed and numbered copy (1 of 100) by emailing info@slowboy.de.

• Mark McCoy: http://www.markmccoyart.com
• Youth Attack: http://www.ihateyouthattack.com
• Slowboy Records: http://www.slowboy.de

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