♫♪  Masaki Uchida - “Mist”

An enormous, grim, bloated mass of flesh floats into the bay. At first, nobody knows what to make of it. Then they make too much of it. The gnarled, twisted wing, exposed bone lined with tender bristles that clatter together like Venetian blinds in the breeze. The shag of blubber that falls off and is devoured by sharks. It’s an alien. It’s a monster from hell. It’s an angel, actually, a sign from the God of the rainy season. It’s a fucking whale. It’s a spaceship, a cave to another dimension.

People who have witnessed the floating shape, too far out in the water to reach swimming, too afraid to ask the fishermen, begin to hear noises in the night. It’s a woman playing the piano with hands made of wood, with wire tendons, delicately plucking. It’s a slow-motion nightmare in a strip club full of blitzed skeletons. It’s “Mist, by Masaki Uchida, off of his debut tape release for Loose Lips Records, titled Xenolinguistics. Rumor has it the guy is picky about his mix, and how apropos: it’s a dynamically rich record, a great balance of noisy, abrasive textures and looming beats.

Stream the track here, and buy Xenolinguistics from Loose Lips on Bandcamp.

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