♫♪  Masayoshi Fujita - Hand Signed Live at Sala Vanni (Jan. 30, 2016)

It’s Friday. And time to chill. Like, on the harsh: CHILL. How about a familiar someone to the rescue? That’s right! Masayoshi Fujita isn’t only here to melt your spine-tingling anxiety, but holistically, the vibraphoner is entering your pressure, mental and respiratory systems with pure healing tones. Respectively, URSSS had to broadcast this to the masses, filmed Masayoshi live in Firenze, Italy at the Museo Marino Marini during the last Saturday of January, and now you’re experiencing on an almost spiritual level. Sit back and toss this bit of majesty on a larger screen for full absorption effect. Watch them red and blue (sometimes even a bow) stick tips dance across pulsating metal. The earth is rotating and everything is at peace in these moments. So if you can’t make any of Masayoshi Fujita’s tour dates that started YESTERDAY, get a feel below:

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