♫♪  Matriarch - “Scene Queen”

The earth rattling noise seeping out of this post is the debut ripper from Seattle’s Matriarch. “Scene Queen” pairs sludgy bass with a spastic punk guitar riff, and at two minutes, the video is perfect for your easily distracted attention span. You don’t want to spend too long on a band you’re unfamiliar with? Perfect! The amount of time it takes to fire up the soulless algorithms of Spotify, to hear the same Killers song you’ve been jamming since 2k6, you can listen to “Scene Queen” (directed by Clyde Peterson) two or three times, and have your mind fried several times over.

Matriarch is made up of Casey Nolan (Bass), Marietta Crockett (Guitar), Rachel LeBlanc (Vocals), and Malia Alexander (Drums), are gearing up for an all out blitz in anticipation of their new record, Hold & Release, which arrives later this summer. In addition to the album, from July 6-14, the quartet will be bringing it to cities between Seattle and the Bay Area. Stay tuned here for album and tour updates. In the meantime, keep hitting repeat on “Scene Queen” to get further acquainted.

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