♫♪  Max Eilbacher / Alex Moskos / Duncan Moore - “I’m Sitting In a Room”

Nice to see the clowns getting a little respect around here for a change, when Eilbacher, Moskos and Moore slip on their Ninja Suits and their novelty Michael Mickey Mitts and go digging around the poet bucket hoping to find a funny mask or two in this here bucket, hopefully getting’ the chance to mitt-handle ‘them a bit before reaching rabid chakra. Tough luck this time; aside from one lone water bug, what we have here is a nearly empty bucket made of plastic that gives out a little hollow thump when the trio goes tap dancing along the rim. The dance comes to an end once the water bug makes its scurried exit through the pocket door, leaving a pant leg or two.

—so, no funny mask or two found in the bucket, but still a little bit of mitt-handling as new holes are burnt into the plastic. —come to think of it, who needs a funny mask. Those pant legs, of the khaki camo cut, are perfect for rabid travel. And heck, if that doesn’t work, there’s plenty of new burn-holes in the bucket to crawl through. So there’s lots of ways to get where they need to go.

Where are they headed anyway? We receive no answer from “I’m Sitting in a Room,” an introduction, not an introduction, no dead giveaway, no swab. Have clown, will travel. So their journey begins, riding a pushcart with chewed tread and bare rims, splashing left-laners with ladles of lemonade and pitted corrosion. All the lunatics are caught up in the dust and pebbles, nearing a cough, but through it all, the lunatics can easily read the sticker on the bumper of the pushcart: Proud to be a Heyoka from Muskogee. There’s no real guessing who will show up, along the way to the shrine of Saint Thomas. It’s a gas.

June 22 – Philadelphia @ The Vat
June 23 – Baltimore @ Floristree
June 24 – NYC @ Red Light District
June 25 – Providence @ Tommy’s Bar
June 26 – Easthampton @ The Flywheel
June 28 – Pittsburgh @ The Shop
June 29 – Cleveland @ Maple Lanes
June 30 – Detroit @ Trinosophes
July 01 – Toronto @ 8-11
July 02 – Montreal @ La Vitrolla

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