♫♪  Michael C. Sharp - “Well-Being”

The past few years have seen a wave of artists plundering the vast archives of kosmiche/psych/krautrock/miscellany, distilling it through modern sensibilities and technologies, and bringing forth a new wave of truly groovy tunes. Austin, Texas mainstay Holodeck does not mess around, people. When they dropped Sungod’s self-titled LP back in 2014, I described it as “one of the sickest, most prog-rockingest records I’ve heard all year.” Lest you think I’ve always been prone to hyperbole, I’m telling you that that Sungod record holds up.

Since Sungod, drummer Michael C. Sharp has been writing and recording under his own name, and we’re announcing/premiering/hyping the lead track “Well-Being” from his latest cassette and first solo release for Holodeck, Never Enough Time. “Well-Being” is a propulsive tune, with looped guitar and synth lines, that gets the album off to a fiery start, and trust me, the rest of the tape doesn’t let up (sadly, you have to wait until Never Enough Time drops October 20). Pre-orders are up now, and be ready, willing, and able to blast Never Enough Time loud enough that your neighbors get fried from being within a mile radius of the stereo.

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