♫♪  Michael & Clark - “0 Dreams”

Music these days too good for visuals because sound has been smoothed and battered so much over the past couple years — with electronics, digitizing, software, and [what-have-yous] — it’s almost just as challenging to put original video content to a single. Them geniuses on VHS Manipulation by Cryptic Carousel in Michael & Clark’s newest clippings of reel for the single “0 Dreams” puts perspective on a lot of granular and ecstatic feels. The beginning buzz that crackles almost with raw sear. A smear just as pixliated in sound that grasps a beat. That beat building beyond barriers of bassic bass. Life blooming around the foliage of movement. Sitting still is not even an option for plants at this point: if you’re not dancing you’re dead. “0 Dreams” doesn’t even have to ask.

Michael & Clark’s title track “0 Dreams” is off their debut EP out Sept 15 on on JASS. Snoop visuals in a feast below:

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