♫♪  Miki Moondrops - Vegetable Head

Y’all, I needed this Miki Moondrops Vegetable Head release, HARD. Before even getting into work, I’ve already a thousand things to do, a thousand parents to call, a thousand scans to make and mark in the roster, and a thousand papers on my desk to sort through. And I fell asleep at 9PM last night, missed Bort’s phone call, missed Monet’s texts, and forgot to premiere Vegetable Head for Air House Records. So, today will suffice, because Miki Moondrops happened to have made the most situationally calming album for my current moment in time.

As a heads up to all you weirdos: Vegetable Head is a little tame in terms of experimental, but twerked just enough to keep them toes wiggling. Miki Moondrops brings that chill in both production and atmospheric vibes, meeting themselves on an equal road of victory and relaxed glory. Toss on Vegetable Head in the background and absorb the college-feel. Take in all the lack of responsibility you can. Imagine nothing. Or if you’re in college, you’re already there.

Miki Moondrops’ Vegetable Head is out NOW via Air House Records, and streaming in full below:

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