♫♪  Minais B - “I Think Most People Here Know”

Fingers flickering across the ineluctable modality of the keyboard, optics becomes haptics. Predictive text cordons off a predictable type, molding a body that is no longer motile, a body that is slouching, a body that touches but not to feel. Earplugs and crushes at our fingertips: the promise of our internet of screws. But also malfunction and rejection at our fingertips: I think that’s why she is acting weird. Drifting/bending the visual/tactile: an open book to a verse of your bad poetry and this is coming from me. Referentiality scuttling out to be shuttled back in. That which we embrace reciprocates by embracing us, except it is not an embrace (it is a chokehold).

Hot on the heels of last year’s chilling “As The River At Its Source” 12-inch, Minais B is back. The first track off Petrola 80’s brand spanking new Embrace compilation, “I Think Most People Here Know” shines and slithers, vitreous and coiling as it snakes through the posh isolation visualized by Aske Thiberg’s accompanying video. Meandering but mobilized, Minais B’s synths sharpen and unravel in their sluice—sawed-off, slugging sonic shrapnel, they puncture commonsense distributions of the sensible and shatter sound into color and shivering. It sounds like I’m babbling, but I think most people who hear it will know.

Embrace is out now via Petrola 80. Listen to “I Think Most People Here Know” here.

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