♫♪  Mini Dresses - “Fantasy Nails”

City streets lined with little trees, blossoms in their leaves, flowers dance and wave as you pass, all tinted rosy and peach, shimmering in sunlight. All daylight, all soft breezes, all winding sidewalks, all late and low sunsets. “Fantasy Nails” is summer-sweet and honest, pure and full of heart, like promises made and kept. The track premiers off Mini Dresses’ self titled LP, appearing as one of Joy Void’s most recent additions to the label. Songwriting partners Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug come together with drummer Luke Reed to form the project that puts forth the Mini Dresses LP.

Recorded in basements, nail salons and warehouses, mixing style and form and lyrics about lives and daydreams, Mini Dresses debut full-length is a culmination of journal entry hopes and heartfelt diary days. The self-titled LP is available on record through Joy Void, for pre-order here.

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