♫♪  Monopoly Child Star Searchers - The Garnet Toucan

Coming down from his prior 2012 release Inner Tube with Mark McGuire, Spencer Clark fills all our Living Room Visions with star-searching on the highest astral planes, thanks to Underwater Peoples. The Garnet Toucan, Clark’s new album, beholds the final work of his “Romance Audio Trilogy,” succeeding Bamboo for Two and Make Mine Macaw.

I’m heavily influenced as a thinker by Spencer’s creative music and writing. I read The Garnet Toucan poem by Clark in a free zine called Linda (co-curated by me!), which originally came in an order from Tomentosa in April. Actually, ALL the releases I own by Spencer has some form of literature in them. As a companion to his musical works, his writing is spot on and presents the most neolithic science fiction creativity known to Earth. Here’s what he had to say about his “Romance Audio Trilogy”:

The intention in these works lies in finding a symbolic, exotic, animal to unleash a psychoactive environment expression that leads one to an elaborate meeting with the natural world. The Garnet Toucan completes the trilogy by uncovering the symbolic animal’s transfiguration into the outerzone of infinite space. The Parrot or Toucan is thought of as a mediator between human and nature…

And listen to The Garnet Toucan here:

The Garnet Toucan is out tomorrow, November 20, on Underwater Peoples. I’ll be conducting an interview with Spencer Clark in January, so keep your eyes peeled or hit me up with questions to ask!

• Spencer Clark: http://www.pacificcity.blogspot.com
• Underwater Peoples: http://underwaterpeoples.com

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