♫♪  Monster Rally - “Tropico”

Get your blender ready, baby.

A trip into Monster Rally land is like being tossed into a Blue Hawaii by a tiki mask. Meaning: amazing! So it is little surprise that for the newest video from Ted Feighan’s exotica crate-plundering project (a crate that probably washed ashore beneath one lonesome coconut tree), the crew has dramatized the journey of a yearning soul who finds an enchanted Super 8 reel that transports him to… well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. “Tropico” is the latest fantasia on offer from Monster Rally, and we are pleased as rum punch to premiere the video right here, today, now, there, below these words.

“Tropico” arrives on the heels of Flowering Jungle, the newest Monster Rally album available December 15 from Gold Robot. So make it snappy and deck the pad out in hula skirt lampshades before the record arrives.

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