Mood Tattooed
“Died Of A Theory”

Photo: Nathaniel Young

Maybe you already knew this, but late last year, Upstate New York folkboy Mood Tattooed (the singing name of Hagan Knauth) released an album called Hush Tarantula. The record was really good (and continues to be good, actually), a perfect little serving of lightly psychedelic, worn-in wilderness odes.

And it would have remained totally fine, too, but now Knauth has gone and deepened our understanding of it with “Died Of A Theory,” a Tarantula b-side that is soft, brief, and quite lovely — and which we have the honor of premiering for you right here.

To commemorate the song’s release (or maybe the other way around), Mood Tattooed even decided to go on a tour of the West Coast. Go see them play at one of their upcoming shows, and bring a pinecone to remind them of home. Dates can be found in the tour poster below the track.

Hush Tarantula is available from Blankstairs.

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