♫♪  Moon Diagrams - “Magic Killer”

New Moon Diagrams video for “Magic Killer” totally just instilled this repurpose of stop-motion art passion in me. Remember making them flip books out of sticky notes where match-stick people would fight or whatever, yes! Intricacies are highlighted in the video for “Magic Killer” utilizing the steady beat, echoing melody-rhythm, and high-hat frenzy — with all little environments for each sound — while complementing the out-of-control sketching, melting and blending a shapeless, ever-lasting art that makes Moon Diagrams the ultimate in dance trust.

And Geographic North always bring the movement, as “Magic Killer” is on Lifetime of Love, out now on vinyl!

18 November (supporting TOPS) Deaf Institute, Manchester
19 November (supporting TOPS) Broadcast, Glasgow
20 November (supporting Happy Meals) Corsica Studios, London
21 November Green Door Store, Brighton
24 November Cantina Real, Stockholm
25 November Explore the North, Leeuwarden
26 November (supporting Algiers) Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
27 November (supporting Algiers) Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
29 November (supporting Algiers) The Moth Club, London
2 December (supporting Algiers) The Grand Social, Dublin
4 December (supporting Algiers) The Cluny, Newcastle
5 December (supporting Algiers) The Exchange, Bristol
28 December (supporting Lyonnais) The Earl, Atlanta
29 December (supporting Deradoorian) Zebulon, Los Angeles

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