♫♪  More Eaze - “Binaries”

Yes, it’s true. More Eaze and Mu Vonz both have funny names with Zs where most of us aren’t used to them. It is also true that if you say either name fast enough repeatedly they start to resemble real names/processes (e.g. more-eaze-more-eazee-moreeazemoree-aze-moareazee-moaurezemour-ezcemaureceMaurice(got it!) and also mu-vonz-mu-vonsmu-vonz-moovonse-movonsmove-onsMove Ons (oh, cool!)). For these reasons alone we are very excited to premiere Marcus “More Eaze” Maurice’s song “Binaries” from their upcoming split 7” EP. That EP will be released on Already Dead Tapes (already-dead-alreadeedead-al-read-deeded-allreddydeady-All Red Dads (sweet!)) on April 14th which is a Friday so plan accordingly. You can now PRE-ORDER this stinker here.

While you stream the undeniably wonky and irreconcilably masterful track below, I thought you might like to read what The Eaze wrote about it:

‘binaries’ is a song that lyrically is about the infinite possibilities of gender and transcending the typical binary identity constructs of western society. this track was an attempt to transpose my own personal identification and feelings about gender into a musical form. as a result, this is a piece that is always shifting stylistically and formally.

Cyborgian cowkids unite! An anthem!

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