♫♪  Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Ballades [excerpts]

You know that moment when an announcement passes you by and Motion Sickness of Time Travel releases a six cassette box set of Ballades she’s been making since last September? Yeah, THIS is that movement. Just went from Tuesday lingering to stagnant work to intensity, right? Well, so does the progression of these six tapes. It seriously doesn’t get any easier listening to 10+ hours of Motion Sickness of Time Travel. All it takes is a couple of flips and tape replacements, and your off to every bit of peace your mind needs. Info from the site: “Editions include six pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes, housed in an oversized plastic box, with a two-sided 2015 lunar calendar designed by Rachel Evans.” So you can support the collection even at work by popping the calendar on your desk and never stop talking about it.

Each ballade are titled with Native American names for each month’s full moon. The tapes were released starting last September throughout this year and coincide with each other within the months leading up to the 6xCS Ballades box-set. So grip it NOW at Hooker Visions before this limited collection is all out!

• Motion Sickness of Time Travel: http://motionsicknessoftimetravel.blogspot.com
• Hooker Visions: http://hookervision.blogspot.com

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