♫♪  Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - “Color Changing Eyes”

Rachel Evans, a.k.a. Motion Sickness of Time Travel and co-owner of Hooker Vision, just finished her last semester of grad school, but that certainly hasn’t slowed down her release schedule (no surprise, given that she has over 20 releases under her name since 2008). In February, she released Patience Folding Waters (as Quiet Evenings, her duo with husband Grant Evans), and she has three releases as MSOTT in the coming weeks: The Blue Color Pales on Sacred Phrases, a self-titled 2LP on Editions Mego’s Spectrum Spools imprint (note to you: it’s fucking great), and a cassette/digital release titled Traces.

The last one is particularly special, as it marks the inaugural release of A Guide To Saints, a label started by Lawrence English of Room40. It’s also the first release in what A Guide To Saints describes as “Cassette Diaries,” in which artists are asked to record music in a limited period of time, with each release assembled and screenprinted by hand. In the case of Traces, Evans recorded both sides live and in one take, and if the clip for “Color Changing Eyes” (an excerpt from Side B) is any indication, the release will be as rich, expansive, and time-suspending as her other releases. But with such an immersive tapestry of synth, electronics, and vocals, the music also expands beyond any temporal limitations and begins to resemble the qualities of space. For more space- and time-fucking, check out the video:

Get Traces from A Guide To Saints. FYI: the cassette is limited to 100, so act quickly.

• Motion Sickness of Time Travel: http://motionsicknessoftimetravel.blogspot.com
• A Guide to Saints: http://www.aguidetosaints.com
• Hooker Vision: http://hookervision.blogspot.com

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