♫♪  The Movement Trust - Asemic Swing

Coming off an incredible number of releases from just February and March alone — including a release by co-founder Chino Amobi and a particularly scorched mix by Dedekindcut — the NON WORLDWIDE collective rages on with more devastating sonic weaponry. The latest is a nine-track EP called Asemic Swing by The Movement Trust, featuring the enigmatic duo of Bekelé Berhanu and L.R. Bedman (also known as SILKBLESS).

Unlike some of NON’s releases — which come with accompanying text contextualizing the music in terms of power differentiation, cultural appropriation, and Pan-African identity, among others — The Movement Trust have seemingly opted for non-meanings and non-significations on Asemic Swing, the incomprehensibility and inexpressibility of which lead to a welcomed and desirous emptying. We get spaghetti patois, Tumor Tanguy, and #PACHOUSE C-ORE. We get Broca & Wernicke. We get no more parties in Ngatangiia, etc., etc. The context is malleable, as its chunky beats, asphyxiated loops, and compressed discharges moon-ride their beats to infinity.

Asemic Swing was recorded last summer in between Kuta and Legian, and follows releases like SB1, Nou la, and Berhanu’s penetrating untitled Janus release. It was mastered by Rabit.

TMT has the pleasure of premiering the entirety of Asemic Swing, which you can check out below.

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