♫♪  Mukqs - “ゾッド”

You already know all about Mukqs’ new tape 起き上がり arriving on Doom Trip later this month, right? Well, if you’re one of the few who don’t, here’s all the info you need.

This particular write-up is here to exclusively present the new visuals for “ゾッド” (“Zod”, if Google translate is to be trusted), track #2 on the aforementioned tape. Made by Christine Janokowicz a.k.a. Armpitrubber (cool name), the video is a glitchy, psychedelic trip, and an ideal accompaniment to Mukqs’ epic techno workout. Clocking at almost 10 minutes, “ゾッド” grooves. I mean, it really grooves. 4/4 kicks, groovy bass lines, meandering synths, ever-developing textures, plus the trippy video: this is one to get lost in.

Enjoy via Vimeo, which I assumed wasn’t a thing anymore. But who am I to know, I’m just ABD. OH! Full tape drops January 29.

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