♫♪  Multa Nox - Living Pearl

NNA Tapes is one of those labels whose output we always get excited about. We love when they put out a new record — it’s like Hanukkah every time. Honestly we are a little spoiled.

Dropping today, their latest present is Living Pearl from Multa Nox, the musical arm of NYC composer/writer Sally Decker. Following up last year’s excellent self-titled tape, Decker’s new LP expands on her work, giving a string of synth-based ambient pieces that feel “big” and small at once, equally humble and Mariana Trench-deep.

Decker has evolved into an incredibly subtle musician, and though all of the music here sounds great the first time around, Living Pearl really is an album that grows and improves the more you listen to it. With this album, Multa Nox is really taking you on a journey, one that evolves and changes with you. Each track is full of so many small details — digital burbles, melodies hidden deep in the mix, treated field recordings — that seem to rise up from the atmosphere the longer you spend in this zone.

Fortunately, we are streaming the entire record for you right here, so grab your headphones, lay inside your copper meditation pyramid, and begin the quest. Or, in the classic ambient tradition, put it on while you’re making breakfast — I can confirm it still sounds good this way.

Living Pearl now available from NNA Tapes.

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