♫♪  Neybuu - “Dhiga”

Argentina’s ABYSS flexes, posts, balls, rides out, high. They’ve added Neybuu to their team, a PDX-based musician who slides through atoms in her music, traveling from India to Africa and back, with a focus on how to make rhythm elastic and meltable, with a slightly sticky finish to it all.

Neybuu continues her exploration of Indian rhythms on “Dhiga”, the first single off of her forthcoming EP, Tablawalli. A voice, speaking syllables, says something, something unknown, as the pitches go up, then down, and more syllables get cut, surgically-precise, and the rhythms get sparse, only to pick up again, glitchy hi-hats glued onto the plastic. It’s as if the whole thing, held together by these micro-moments, was actually an illusion, like how we think of our personalities, or our ego.

Check it. And don’t miss out on other ABYSS releases that will have you dancing in seconds:

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