♫♪  Nola Gras - Living In Darkness (Under the Covers) EP

I’m typically not into cover songs. However, this is where the unique musical capabilities of Nola Gras emanate: in his ability to RE:adapt genre and swap musical intuition. These abilities are exactly the reason why I’m totally down to give Living In Darkness (Under the Covers) EP a chance because the selection of musicians and songs they’ve chosen could really be blended within the Nola Gras style of patience. It’s a real freeing sound he puts forth in Living In Darkness (Under the Covers) EP. Oh, not to mention (but mentioning it NOW) that his musical tastes are impeccably refined.

Okay, but scope this out, because my jaw/heart just dropped a little bit when I read that Sahm Zalta (multi-instrumentalist being the guise, Nola Gras) is preparing a full-length, four-track album (representing the four sides to a double LP) this March entitled, Paraiso Terrenal. Two tracks will be covers (Big Star and Tim Buckley) and the other two will be totally original material. And if these two long-burner covers are anything like the musings and new-feels in Living In Darkness (Under the Covers) EP, Nola Gras will ensnare ears EVERYWHERE with an originality to (potentially) classic tracks. As well, the original tracks I’m hoping will be just as lingering and invested, but there ain’t no doubt.

Hang onto Nola Gras’ Living In Darkness (Under the Covers) EP (streaming below) to keep you toasty until this March:

• Nola Grass: https://nolagras.bandcamp.com

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