♫♪  ohyung - “Park Slope (prod. Muzono)”

The commercialization of Brooklyn locations like Park Slope is overwhelming. Like, let’s take away all the movies and television and reality shows and books and articles and music that is praised because it takes place in Brooklyn: walking around Park Slope is like entering an out-door mall decorated like “1935’s ‘Upper-Class’ White New York City.” Most of Brooklyn smells like a Yankee Candle shop and it’s fucking creepy. Although, Coney Island smells more like ocean and heroine candle(s), and my two front teeth that had been smashed out four years ago. Park Slope rent, fashion, pets, store-fronts, parks (even), “breweries,” “DIY” venues —barely hanging on, etc.

Thankfully, people like ohyung are incorporating this culture and overwhelming gentrification into the music. “Park Slope (prod. Muzono)” a beat that takes a pharmaceutical advertisement acoustic guitar nonsense, flips it into hyped by a third man jacking out vocals, and a lyrical flow that weaves chorus and verse seamlessly, shitting on pop culture memes, and driving that nonchalant attitude of the area in such an ironic way it shatters the entire IRONY vibe Park Slope perpetuates in trifled humor. Keep your ears peeled for ohyung. I feel like 2017 might be a rough year, but with that “Park Slope” sense of humor, ohyung seems like music will flourish with all the changes. Flex:

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