♫♪  Oikos - “Perdition (Austral Road)” featuring Ann Deveria

When you wake up, your head is splitting. You left the window open just a crack — just enough for the spit of the midnight thunderstorm to push its way inside, wetting the pane. At least the sun-rays aren’t lancing your eyeballs. At least it’s still gray, still dark enough that you lay back and try to coax your screaming brain into sleep.

“Perdition,” it’s called? That state of damnation — although, really, it’s probably just like being stuck in a waiting room forever and ever — they told you about in Sunday School that one time? The teacher — a Greek lady with the skin that smelled like paper and a bum-hip limp — she used the word “eternal” in describing it. She said, “It’s impossible to avoid, but we can lessen the brunt of the never-ending blow if we follow Him,” and you cross yourself. You tried to heed her advice, but here you are, bedridden and miserable.

Of course you’re not in hell, silly. You’ve just got a headache. And hey, those spasms behind your eyes and in your teeth — there’s poetry in that. Relish it.

“Perdition (Austral Road)” is off Oikos’ upcoming LP, Vigilia, out November 1 through new label Knockturne records.

• Oikos: http://boreassound.blogspot.com
• Knockturne: http://www.knockturnerecords.com

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