♫♪  The Oscillation - Monographic

Followers in the great tradition of Popul Vuh, Spacemen 3 and Can since 2006, London’s the Oscillation is broadcasting their fourth full-length collection of odd vibrations on March 11, 2016. Monographic contains such a blistering stream of distorted, delayed, krauty, shoegazey, droney psychedelic space-rock, it’s a wonder its sound wouldn’t simply melt all the plastic and wax with which it comes in contact, but Hands In The Dark, in partnership with All Time Low, is going ahead unperturbed with their attempt to press it to a thousand CDs and two vinyl editions, limited to 600 copies in black and 400 in white.

The project helmed by multi-instrumentalist producer Demian Castellanos, who provides all the guitars, vocals, organ, and bass on Monographic alongside Valentina Magaletti’s drums, truly nailed their aesthetic with this album. It’s hard to disagree with their bio’s claim that this is “the band’s most accomplished and outstanding set of songs to date.” Monographic is a trip, one that does their influences proud.

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