♫♪  oxhy - “burning tories”

“As the housing crisis gets ever worse, public land should be used to provide housing for those who need it most.”

Forever scapegoating and vilifying the innocent, the tories’ noxious voodoo continues to slaughter any prospect of affordable housing in the UK. Enter oxhy’s inflamed video for “burning tories” (filmed+edited by Luke Frith Powell ft.o.k), a symbol of a burning hatred as torrid as the tories’ own flames of destruction. The video is as provocative as it is provoked, full of winding torso, empty streets, masks, and ceremonial pyrotechnics. Notably, it was filmed around Besson Street, London, which despite being in public hands for decades, plans to be used for a private sector scheme that (1) “will not address the housing needs of local people,” (2) “means that market rents in new-build housing will be well out of reach of nearly everyone who loves locally,” and (3) “will disproportionately disadvantage the ethnic minority residents who live locally.”

Undoubtedly, the real villains, the real vandals in this scenario are the gang of twisted hoodlums hellbent on ritualistic sacrifice: the destruction/offering of public land for more supposedly pressing claims.

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Download the track here.

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