♫♪  Ozy - “Maqybe”

Ozy has found the perfect pairing of tenderness and fragility in “Maqybe.” With atmospheric and souring synthetic sounds, “Maqybe” draws upon dimensionally-shifting crystal colors, with fragments portraying shadows like a light puppeteer, jeering rays upon the softer edges and disenchantment around the rougher. Like never going back home. Or the rate at which hair grows underwater. In the darkness, we’re always remembering what sounded most pleasant to us, strengthening courage as if fear were the consistency of gel. Ozy has developed “Maqybe” into the hallucination of sound you hear through the white noise.

This same sense of reality through disbelief is the entirety of Distant Present. It’s Ozy’s newest album in 13 years, and it comes out March 25, with remixes by Laurel Halo and Miles.

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