♫♪  Peine Perdue - “Cerceaux”

Seattle based Medical Records are master crate diggers. Their reissues of long forgotten “minimal synth, cosmic disco, wave (cold/new), dream/gaze pop, and futuristic music” are very dope (that mind-blowing Seefeel release comes to mind). Whenever I browse their releases, I can’t help but wonder how they find this stuff. Well, in case you didn’t know it, the boys at MR dabble in new artists releasing new music, and the video below, from French group Peine Perdue’s debut LP, is one such release. “Cerceaux” stands out among Disparition’s ten tracks, and the video’s blasted collage of original and found footage meshes well with the track’s icy dance vibe. The album comes out next Friday, March 20, so get your order in for that “limited edish” vinyl.

• Peine Perdue: https://www.facebook.com/PeinePerdue
• Medical Records: http://www.medical-records.org

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