♫♪  The Pendletons - “Gotta Get Out” feat. Jimetta Rose and I, CED

What is it that gets us up and out after a long workday? Is it an inherent desire to escape the doldrums, like our inner child’s fight or flight response? Is it a chemical that’s inside us all, or a chemical sold inside every convenience store? Or maybe one sold behind it? Sometimes, all it takes is a co-worker’s encouragement. Other times, it’s the dogged insistence of a good-old-fashioned four-on-the-floor beat, like that of The Pendletons’ “Gotta Get Out” featuring the soulful sounds of Jimetta Rose and I, CED.

It’s the type of driving force that’s kept boogie funk moving bodies to dance floors for generations. It’s what keeps a site like Beat Electric online even when there hasn’t been a new post for over a year. (Does anybody know who ran this, and if so, can you make sure they’re OK?) And it’s exactly the kind of groove for The Pendletons to return with after three quiet years. The kind that reminds you when you start to feel stuck, that’s when you most need to move.

Tiny Mix Tapes is privileged to premiere “Gotta Get Out,” the title track off The Pendletons’ forthcoming EP, which will be out November 18 on Voltaire Records. (You heard it here first!) Pre-order the Gotta Get Out EP on 12” here, and while you’re at it step to a bonus 7” here as well.

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