♫♪  Petit Singe - “OXO” (Zuli Astrogangsta Mix)

Hey, you know Petit Singe? The recording name of DJ/producer Hazina Francia? Remember four years ago when she put out that one tape on Haunter? Called Tregua? Well, Francia followed that one up with another record that came out just last month. That new one’s called Akash Ganga, which Haunter Records (of Francia’s homeland of Italy) describes as here “to testify an unresting spiritual investigation.” We don’t disagree. We’re not one to assume things about an artist’s intentions, but this one feels personal. In fact, we know that one of the tracks, “27.09.87,” is named after the date Francia arrived in Italy from her native Bengala. That’s a big journey. About as big as Francia’s bass tones, which are BIG.

But did you also know that Petit Singe is releasing two records? Yeah, there’s actually an entire second album, which is made up of remixes of the first, called Akash Ganga Remixes. It seems that the Haunter crew gathered up some of their best and brightest and had them do reinterpretations of Francia’s work, digging up some pretty nice and weird stuff. In fact, some of them deeply mess with the beats, like the one by Zuli (who released a fantastic EP on UIQ) of the track “OXO,” which feels a lot of heavier than the album cut. While Francia’s version features a lot of wild tabla rhythms, Zuli strips things way down and pushes all the noise to the front.

TMT has the pleasure of premiering Zuli’s remix below, which the artist calls the “Astrogangsta” remix. It’s kind of a trip. We’re pretty excited that we’re getting to share it with you, because we’ve been listening to it a bunch on our own and think you should be able to to hear it, too. Strong recommend.

Akash Ganga Remixes will be available May 26 from Haunter Records. Stream “OXO (Zuli Astrogangsta Remix)” right here:

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