♫♪  Petra Glynt - “This You Need”

There’s something undeniably satisfying about an album that genuinely surprises. Canadian multi-disciplinary artist and experimental pop producer Petra Glynt’s debut full-length album This Trip succeeds in raising hell, or at least raising awareness, as it dazzles listeners with a unique high-octane cacophony. Glynt’s latest call to advocacy is This Trip’s closer “This You Need,” and we are honored to premiere the video for it today!

And we do indeed need it. A real treat for Glynt fans can be found in this six-minute-plus-electro vamp created by Jeff Garcia and Tanya Santos, with editing and night-vision footage filmed by one Alexandra Mackenzie (a.k.a. Glynt). “This You Need” showcases her operatic vocal training over agile rhythms and sharp electronics to create a cold wave sound. As with everything Glynt does, images are as integral as the sounds, and vice versa. And while her lyrics are often political, positive calls for change are favored over angry society-baiting. Glynt always manages to have fun, and with clipped radiant performing mixed with hand-shot, black-and-white railroad walking rushes, “This You Need” isn’t your substandard “lyric video.”

When not being denied entry into the UK, Glynt has been busy touring oversees with The Doldrums (she eventually made it into Europe) and playing a couple of dates in Canada with EMA and The Blow. Having wrapped up her tour a couple of nights ago in Toronto, wethinks it’s the perfect time for her to make some new musics and for everyone else to revisit This Trip, out now on Björk (and pretty much everyone else) collaborator Damian Taylor’s forward-thinking Vibe Over Method label. The album can be had here. This you also need.

Petra Glynt has an album release show and exhibition coming up in Ottawa on December 1 at General Assembly, which will feature both her music and art created for This Trip.

“This You Need”:

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