♫♪  Pictorial Candi - “Got Things To Do”

Photo: Kuba Dabrowski

“Being extremely sensible and matter of factish is a very infantile characteristic,” says Pictorial Candi’s Candelaria Saenz Valiente, as a way of summing up the ideas behind the second video off of last year’s fOREVER TILL YOU DIE. The somewhat vaporwave-y video for “Got Things To Do” — subtitled “Portrait of an Artist as an Insurance Salesman” — was shot in Berlin during an arts residency and stars Vijay, a painter and installation artist, whose personality Saenz Valiente was so taken with that it warranted filming without the subject’s knowledge (in the beginning at least). With her own family deeply embedded in the insurance business, she was fascinated with how Vijay’s “discourse, […] perhaps even a treatise that his hands helped expand, seemed to belong to another area of expertise, to another profession […]. He was, to me, an insurance agent trapped in the artist world.”

The video is a result of Saenz Valiente’s subsequent fetishizing of “convention centers, big carpeted halls, giant escalators, and dressed tables” and her fascination with the futility and childishness of that world. Watch it below:

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