♫♪  Pigeons - “Foxglove”

Straight from their newest album The Bower (steaming below) on MIE Music, the Pigeons are on the creative rise with video artist and Kentuckian Ma Turner in their newest flick for single “Foxglove.” Pairing creatively occurring visuals with the wandering guitar and flute and layered simplicity of translucent in sync with the layered vocal depths, Turner shells out some low-budget, DIY vibes that exactly match the concept I have of Pigeons’ music. There’s a peacefulness to their lax in how composed and driven their sound is, and these Turner drawings really detail the insinuation of that bare-bones but entirely soulful atmosphere.

The Bower is out NOW on MIE Music via LP and/or digital. Scope it below and feel the Pigeons’ majesty of music, as they’ve been fucking around on the scene since 2008, so they’ve a good range of intention and direction. And grip it yourself RIGHT HERE.

• Pigeons: http://pigeonsband.com
• MIE Music: http://mie.limitedrun.com

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