♫♪  Platinum Boys - “Buzz”

While my tastes lately have veered towards the “jazz fusion” side of things, sometimes there’s nothing better than a cold beer and some good rock on the stereo. The Platinum Boys come out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it’s common knowledge that there’s no shortage of dull cover bands and trite bar rock in the city, but the Boys deliver the goods. Over the past three years, the group has put out a steady stream of EPs, 7-inches, tapes, and their first full-length, Future Hits, and now they’ve unleashed a brand new album, Buzz. The band is noted for keeping the party going both on and off stage, but their tunes are never sloppy or lazy; rather, Buzz is a tight record that chugs along at a rapid clip, with the obligatory shreddin’ solos, rarely going past the three minute mark. I could name a highlight, but since we’re hosting the full album, it’s clear we like the whole thing :)

Buzz drops today, March 31, on digital, cassette (via Forged Artifacts), and vinyl (via Dusty Medical). If you’re in the Midwest, catch the Platinum Boys as they close out their “Catch A Buzz” tour, with shows March 31 at Permanent Records in Chicago, and an April Fool’s Day homecoming in Milwaukee at the Cactus Club.

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