Postscript [EP]

On October 1, disco-magician Francis Hsueh is adopting his Policy moniker to release Postscript, a 12-inch EP on 100% Silk. In an attempt to try and figure out Hsueh’s secrets, here’s my track-by-track breakdown of the illusions hidden in the six-part magic act that is Postscript:

— “Postscript 187” introduces the Policy stage for Hsueh to adorn: fist-roll dance, finger-gunning the audience as tiny bursts of smoke rise out his nails, foot swivels, a projected image of a miniature elephant dancing between his legs that becomes real and backward-slides off the stage, etc.

— “Grove Street Freeze” gears the crowd in a robotic way, as his first main act involves hypnotizing the audience to dance in spurts, as he holds up two separate signs: the GROOVE STREET sign gets the crowd hustling in sync, and the FREEZE sign does exactly that with added “oohs” and “ahhs.”

— “Remembrance” needs a participant from the audience, is handed a dagger, and begins dancing with the magician, when Hsueh turns and accidentally makes contact with the participant’s mouth, knocking out all their teeth: the participant comes at the magician with the dagger gritting a whole new set of pearly whites, climbs on the Policy stage with a half-brushed smile, and walks away with pristine ivory caps.

— “Ghost In The Groove” precedes the violent trick in light of gravity, as Hsueh begins to float above the audience, freshing disco moves people only dreamed of being able to pull off. Yet dreams do come true: at random, audience members yell in both amazement and fright as a select few are lifted from their seats and partnered with each other, spinning-dancing in the air when…

— “Wiseblood” tricks them into thinking the act is skipping to a stop, but out of the floaters’ sleeves rains a thick purple liquid onto the audience below, and as they try to scatter and flee the scene, this liquid seems to hit and bead off an invisible shield, flowing toward the stage to form the last hurrah.

— “Big Beast Anthem” forms the body and face of each audience member at half stature, again discoing out, only comprised of this purple liquid, which is ripped into disappearing waves as Hsueh slides through it on the Policy stage, cleaner than he appeared ever before, now wearing white leather, hair waving, and everyone clapping.

Stream the entirety of Policy’s Postscript EP above and pre-order it here.

• Policy: http://policy-tracks.com
• 100% Silk: http://www.listentosilk.com

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