♫♪  Polysick - “Egeria”

Out now on Ekster is a giant, double LP compilation entitled EXO, featuring the likes of Lieven Martens Moana, DSR Lines, Hiele, and Imdaud. Specifically, for this premiere, Ekster let me choose which track to cover on Tiny Mix Tapes (a daunting honor), and I gripped Polysick, as I’m the proud owner of the Italian producer’s 100% Silk works, and his 2012 Planet Mu release, so I figured his contribution to EXO would be glimmering. “Egeria” is exactly that: a mirage mirror image of what you see looking into a still, natural pool of water foreshadowing the future of each meditation you have to take, while an aureola of reality flickers about the silhouette of your body, reflective. Fortune awaits those who listen for it. “Egeria” is merely grazing the surface of deep though. Take the dive. Find yourself engulfed in the sounds of Polysick on Ekster’s EXO comp. And I guarantee this is only the beginning of immersive greatness:

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