♫♪  Pop 1280 - “When No One Cares”

Earlier, taking a shower: water coagulated by the rain in a dark grey. And bald. Maybe body hair be the culprit, but nahh. A paper towel absorbing the worst sorta liquid. Discoloration of tissue material. Then you dry the issue like a rose you want to keep forever. From the ceiling. Hanging. That discolored paper towel hanging from the ceiling like a folded aeroplane. Stuck in up. Thrown away. Into the trash. Never used. Sewage.

There’s no real mention of hope in Pop 1280’s track, “When No One Cares.” Far-fetched is the thought of the track too when it’s being put out by Wharf Cat Records on they’s LPx2 (and digital) release of ACLU BENEFIT COMPILATION (Pre Order). But abandonment is practically part of the American Dream. Or your dream? Nobody left you to drown there in the shower drain. Hang on to that paper towel. Honey shrunk your mindset. I’ve got a dependancy.

Float along into a misanthropic future with Pop 1280. “When No One Cares” will be the final realization of self. From personal experience: self always reveals itself in a naked purity. It’s embarrassing. It’s fowl. It’s distorted. It’s desolate. It’s a fat, bald man staring in the mirror thinking of being a fat bald man that needs heat because of a shrinkage issue around an empty room of shrivel. Everyone will eventually throw out your shit:


Artists for the ACLU In this powerful benefit compilation, a range of independent artists join forces to raise funds for the American Civil Liberties Union and its heroic mission to protect the rights of all people as we head into the second year of the Trump administration and its ongoing assault on the Constitution. The album is available in a limited run of double LPs featuring all-new material from a gamut of artists across genre. This is a boon for fans of Merchandise, Palberta, Pop 1280, Profligate, and The Men, whose “Shimmer and Shine” is a rootsy, Mick Taylor-era Stones celebration of pain. Living legend Alice Cohen graces this album’s proceedings as well, with “Hourglass,” a pop track that could be a megahit in a less ugly world. There’s driving, urgent postpunk with Psychic Blood, Sediment Club, and Old Maybe on the roster. And the underground offers up quieter moments for this album, such as Kate Mohanty’s moving solo sax composition “Priorities” and Horoscope’s “Bri.” We go around the world to New Zealand with Joe Troutman (Trust Punks) and his new group Cheerleader and to the western United States with Dollar Band, a new group featuring Dylan Sharpe and Dan Swire of Gun Outfit. Their “Too Sensitive” features a ripping rhythm section and some of Sharpe’s best lyrics and guitar runs to date. These are just a few examples from this diverse compilation of 22 tracks.

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