♫♪  Pro Teens - “Tulsa”

Photo: Ash Ponders

No shade intended to our friends who live there, but, Oklahoma’s kind of a weird place — a whole lot of flat land and “Do Not Drive Into Smoke” warnings on the highway. It sorta wigs us out. Luckily, Arizona indie squad Pro Teens have translated a bit of this landlocked-America creepiness into song. “Tulsa,” the opening track on their forthcoming album Philistines, has that wistful twilight vibe which speaks of riding a skateboard alone down big dark nighttime streets. Is something lurking behind the garbage cans? Who knows, man, but it gives me the creeps. Catch that breeze and ride on.

We’re happy to premiere “Tulsa” right here, today, now. Philistines drops November 3 on Broken Circles — go pre-order it to your liking.

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