♫♪  Psychic Twin - “Geek”

One minute you’re there, and the next…
Once there were two, but now…

The ellipses is at once the most creative and destrucitve force in all of punctuation. It can cut thoughts short of full formation or allow for them to be completed by another anyway they want. It’s the choose-your-own adventure mark of syntax, like a, like a…

Psychic Twin’s former members include Rosana Caban and Whitney Broadstreet, according to Discogs. Today, there is only Erin Fein, a lone Psychic Twin. But like the ellipses, the name beckons interaction or at least a pause for dramatic effect and/or consideration. In the age of social media, is anyone among us not a Psychic Twin?

Speaking with the Chocolate Grinder — because, really, what is recording and performing vocals if not communicating with machines — Psychic Twin tells us:

In the throes of writing my second album, I was invited to go see Lawrence Rothman play at Lodge Room in Los Angeles. I was immediately transfixed by the performance and, what I would later discover to be a song called “Geek.” Lawrence’s message about being bullied struck me immediately. To me, “Geek” is a song about trying to help someone recognize their own self worth in the midst of tremendous pain. And it is a genuine expression of empathy from the protagonist, having experienced something similar. This song hit me in a very personal way and I knew that I wanted to cover it, and I knew I would learn something about my own path as a person and songwriter by doing so. This is the beginning of a second chapter in my musical life as Psychic Twin, and an ode to Lawrence Rothman, who has inspired me enormously.

An extra “Geek”-y tidbit: the beats for Psychic Twin’s cover were provided by Elucid, who Earl Sweatshirt yesterday called the greatest of all time and whose debut album featured production by none other than Psychic Twin. In other words, if you feel a psychic connection coming on, you’re in good company. “Geek” premieres below.

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