♫♪  Purple Pilgrims - “Drink The Juice”

First single of their newest Not Not Fun release, Purple Pilgrims’ track “Drink The Juice” gripped an intriguing music video by Frances Carter, featuring “cult family members,” Piripi Mackie & Siobhan Leilani. The song itself comes in on a heavy baseline and electronic warbling with starked-out vocals that are stark, putting heavy visual emphasis on the overwhelmingly green landscape. And as the percussion by Nick Malkin comes in, visuals and people and places and practices get wavy. As the “Drink The Juice” lyrics suggest, naiveté and experienced humans are all welcome within the cult of esoterica. Sonics wandering free among soaring vocals, careless in temperament, precise in execution, and — when presented visually — busting with colors.

Find Purple Pilgrims at this year’s St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, and keep an eye on Not Not Fun’s Bandcamp for their future release!

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