♫♪  R Gamble - “Mas Torque”

I’ve spoken before about my skepticism of anything about any electronic producers coming out of New York City. The “lo-fi” and “outsider” house coming out of the city has become increasingly less “outsider” and more homogeneous as a once-promising sound quickly stagnates.

Well, one label that isn’t sucking is Lost Soul Enterprises, an NYC-based imprint/event hub that puts a “focus on emerging local producers who thoughtfully push the boundaries of genre.” Richard Gamble, LSE founder and party organizer, is dipping his feet into the production waters with his solo debut Teeth Like Foil. The EP, which consists of three originals plus a remix of the title track by Prostitutes, is a concise batch of late-night acid burners, and “Mas Torque” is a nocturnally-inclined closer to the release.

While you have over a month to contemplate this bad boy, be aware that the Teeth Like Foil digital and vinyl editions drop May 31 (which you can pre-order now), just in time for a traditional Memorial Day techno party.

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