♫♪  Rangers - Regime!!

Without a concept, rock music sounds as dated as the last five commercials you can remember from childhood. And not in a good way. So what does Texan all-the-way alt-rocker Rangers do? Fucks on that Regime!! Complete with found sounds, samples, shakers, axes, waxes, dissonance, bombardment, and pure melt, Regime!! is Rangers’ way of presenting rock and roll conceptually. It’s almost an adventure through radio, akin to his last LP on Not Not Fun, Reconsider Lounge. Only Regime!! is more-so being trapped in a thrift-shop radio extracted from a ‘93 storage space that hadn’t been opened until last year. All those ghosts and memories collected within it’s barely banging battery life, this radio traverses dimensions of nostalgia in a mingled light or retro-progression.

Yet, it’s not confounding to think of Rangers’ music as conceptual, considering the titles, which are more important directionally than they are demanding. Reconsider Lounge is not only musically suggesting listeners should perceive skewed rock and roll his way, but the title directly implies “Think of my album this way.” As well, titling the latest Rangers’ release Regime!! also insinuates something anew within the music. And boy, if you ain’t already listening, you’ll find out soon enough:

• Rangers: https://soundcloud.com/joe-knight-music

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