♫♪  Raven - “Banshee”

“Why Can’t I Remember Your Name” and “Banshee” probably couldn’t be any more different - the former is an organic horror drone, while the latter is a bobbing, distinctly electronic dance cut. And yet, these are the two debut tracks by Raven, a Margate-based artist, whose debut EP Harp arrives on the ever-wonderful PRAH Recordings (a spiritual home to Oliver Coates, Lung Dart or Aisha Orazbayeva) on January 17. “Why Can’t I Remember Your Name” has been out for a couple weeks now, but “Banshee“‘s the new one you’re here for. Kicking off with a slow bright synth, it quickly transforms into a real upbeat one - arpeggiated synths, thumping kick, a good ol’ drop and all that jazz.

Raven created Harp at the PRAH Foundation studio, “using limited equipment and time,” and with “limitations at the centre” of his process. It’s already pretty exciting to see the different results such a short session can give rise to (and we’ve only got two tracks so far), so I’m sure our collective mind will be blown by the full contents of Harp. Listen to “Banshee” below and don’t forget to purchase the EP on January 17.

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