♫♪  Reverent - “Daylight”

Later, 2018. Reverent - a solo project from American Damage head Jordan Reyes - is already looking to the new year. In January, he’ll drop a tape from a Que4 Radio performance, titled Long Wave Sermon, and embark on an East Coast tour, the poster for which urges one to “Repent & Live Boldly.” A commanding resolution.

If the intensity of Reverent’s religious implore suggests hell and brimstone await, it takes an entertaining route to get there. It’s an all-vocal project crafted from a microphone and some effects boxes. Life-and-death themes are explored in a playful way, like on “Daylight,” premiering below. A song of love and obsession, the track’s vocal loops grow choking and constricting, all while giving a wink to “The Banana Boat Song” as the walls close in.

Long Wave Sermon is populated solely by Reverent himself, but also a multitude of lo-fi Gregorian choirs, twisting strands of narration, factories of rhythmic plosives, and gangs of industrial barbershop quartets. Catch Reverent on tour to glimpse the end times acapella in person.

Reverent January 2019 “Repent & Live Boldly” Tour cities:

01.09.19 - Chicago
01.10.19 - Cincinnati
01.11.19 - Nashville
01.12.19 - Asheville
01.13.19 - Durham
01.14.19 - Richmond
01.15.19 - Washington, DC
01.16.19 - Baltimore
01.17.19 - Harrisonburg
01.18.19 - Brooklyn
01.19.19 - Brooklyn
01.20.19 - Boston
01.21.19 - Providence
01.22.19 - Philadelphia
01.23.19 - Cleveland
01.24.19 - Dayton
01.25.19 - Detroit

Reverent Long Wave Sermon track listing:

1. Radio Show Intro
2. In My Skin
3. Inside Of Me
4. Daylight
5. Coke
6. I Take Drugs To Leave Bed To Take Drugs
7. Sunshine
8. Radio Show Outro
9. Interview with Mike Rice

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