♫♪  Robert Donne, Stephen Vitiello, and The OO-Ray (Ted Laderas) - Nuvole

Waking up in the future was similar to this morning: touching down both feet upon the ground with a fair assessment of where they’ll take you for the day. Then you see in your closet that Robert Donne, Stephen Vitiello and The OO-Ray (Ted Laderas) have been watching you sleep all night and the first word outta your mouth is, “Nuvole.” You ain’t never spoke Italian before, but as they approach a naked, half asleep version of you standing by your bed, you realize you’re fluently speaking in Italian, but really just ambiance. Within the language of ambiance, you ask the trio of slow-stroked brilliance if everything has been droned away with, and your new daily activity is finding meditative lengths guided by their newest piece of work on Geographic North. In long form movements, spacial and temporal warping, master-level patience, and complete frequency, the three answer back in two forms of Nuvole. Both these two forms comprise each side of their newest release, entitled Nuvole, and we can all (now) find the meaning to our daily “SOS” lives!

Grip the cassette or hard-drive the digital of Nuvole via Geographic North, and next time you see Robert Donne, Stephen Vitiello, and The OO-Ray (Ted Laderas) just hovering in your closet, tack an extra 15 minutes on your alarm and be a little bit more easy on your weekly grind. Enjoy it below (until you’ve reached your Bandcamp limit), and then play it on the reel:

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