♫♪  Rone - “Let’s Go” [feat. High Priest]

“Let’s Go” — it’s Rone’s new joint featuring High Priest, and it’s time to pump. Okay, so aside from its cliché electronica noises and amusing rap crossover effect, this track is pretty PRETTY. Pretty fresh from the production room, that is. Like, the lyrics sound kind of awesome when Rone fucks with High Priest’s vocals, but they’re so blurred together with this cawing and warped siren sound that it’s hard to discern, yet High Priest got “ok” natural flow and somewhat slick verbiage. I’m not on Gchat right now, but I swear Rone sampled the “messaged received” sound in this track too. Maybe this is his nod to all this digital wipeout style of music currently being sampled/made. Wrapping it up: this track is worth 10 repeats in a row. #pumppumppumppumppumppump

Alan might be geeking about this new Rone album, Tohu Bohu, due November 5 on InFiné. Fuck, I gotta get my listening fingers back up and running after Sandy.

• Rone: http://rone-music.com
• High Priest: http://www.myspace.com/prizmaudio
• InFiné: http://www.infine-music.com

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