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The modern “amalgam” may be indistinguishable from the disparate elements it compiles. To represent, to collect, to reorient, or bring together the isolated into a complete, new structure may end up creating the very same sort of entity one attempted to restructure. The video that contains sampled videos will inevitably become a re-rendered artifact subject to further restructuring; the meaning of it’s presence is contained within the development of it’s creator. In this case, Torn Hawk collaborator Russo created Aqua Vitae, a work that contains decade-old music (2005-2008) placed within the context of footage edited in 2014. Perhaps “amalgam” is the best means to describe the final artifact — a compelling piece of A/V content that itself emphasizes the process of contemporary, net-located DIY art-making. It’s method of creation, of looking (immediately) backward to inform a present existence, re-codes obvious, vaporous visual textures found in hauntological art-tactics. The manner in which previously popularized or utilized aesthetic systems “haunt” the present can be found in how Russo feels compelled to amalgamate his own music, created during days gone by, to chorus his new visual explorations, explorations which in themselves create narrative and affect out of the past. We can leisurely discuss the Spectre of Marx that haunts our art, and allow it the infinite critique it deserves. Let it parlay its everlasting, still-needed voice into our videos until 2022.

The music itself will pique your ears, touching on tape-manipulation textures and fuzzy Boards of Canada environments; and, stick around until the end and you’ll even get some erotic-painting NSFW action. Also, snoop around the New Ancestors website — you’ll find more content and a fantastic essay by our own DeForrest Brown Jr.

• Russo: http://arirusso.com
• New Ancestors: http://www.newancestors.nyc

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