♫♪  SAÅAD - “Ire (an Euphonic Discord)”

That long-kiss awake-up call. Like sunlight hitting the horizon in such a way that equally pries open your eyes with the rising moments of Earth’s rotation. A sight that addresses consciousness. Being one with the day. In a ray. Movement of plant life. Something feeding in the rain. Leaves all around us. All around us cracks of sunlight beaming. In rays. Peace. Being fooled by a lot of other things visual and hallucination. Growing and breathing auras all around us, absorbing. Landscapes absorbing everything all around us. A Présence Absente of SAÅAD in a piece of “Ire (an Euphonic Discord).” Out on Hands In The Dark on vinyl and digital release this April 13. Pre-Order now! A right of Spring is growing.

Based on the French duo’s 2017 live setup and improvised sets, this new album is the quintessence of their music: raw, deep, murky, fascinating. Présence Absente is a delicate, personal album which marks a major turning point in the pair’s substantial discography.

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