♫♪  Sage Caswell - “Way Out West”

While I can get behind some dance-floor filling, feet stomping “bangers” pretty much anytime of the day, I’m also very down to imbibe a ruminative, exploratory electronic vibe. Sage Caswell can do all of the above, and his latest long player, Evil Twin, proves that point in spades. “Way Out West,” the latest taste of the new record (out March 29 via 2MR), lays spoken word philosophical ruminations over low-key synths and metronome-like percussion. It’s a mystery without an answer, and I can feel that, you know? To further the enigmatic air, Sage had this to say about the record: “I walk up to a building and Evil Twin is playing. A copy of me is at the door and I let myself in. Inside the house is inside my head; each room is a different song and emotion.”

The rest of Evil Twin congeals into an introspective electronic odyssey, ripe for the impending spring vibes popping up around us. The pre-order option is up, with the record in digital and vinyl formats, so what are you waiting for? Evil Twin packs a soft yet lasting impact from front to back. Dig “Way Out West” below, and peep the rest of the record when it drops at the end of the month.

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